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Delightful User Experience

Fast & Fun Development

Modern user interface

Make an app that feels like a top-tier web property like Facebook or Twitter, or like a great desktop app — not like a bunch of pages connected by links.

Radically less code

Accomplish in 10 lines what would otherwise take 1000, thanks to a reactive programming model that extends all the way from the database to the user's screen.

Browser and Mobile

A great experience both on the web and as a phone or tablet app.

One language everywhere

Isomorphic APIs mean that the same code, written in the same language, can run on both client and server.

Live updates

Data updates live on the screen as it changes. Users can collaborate seamlessly.

Unified package system

One world of packages that work identically on browsers, servers and mobile devices. (Pull in npm and Cordova packages too!) One build tool that builds all parts of your app.

Ultra responsive

Changes made by a user are instantly visible, without the unprofessional laggy feeling that would result from waiting for a round trip to the server.

Hot deploys

Type one command to push your app into production and update all connected browsers and devices. No need to go through the App Store.


A collaborative task management app
for web and mobile.

Local Market

Local Market: a community sharing app
for iOS and Android

I have spent 13 years as a web coder, earning a living by writing web apps, mostly with PHP and MySQL… I am turning myself into a Meteor developer and I am not looking back!
Adam Lea – I’m sticking with Meteor. Here’s why.
Meteor is what we should have built in 1994 at Netscape.
Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape
I want to focus on building applications and not on boiler plate or building technology. The Meteor development experience is very liberating to me.
Stephen Cannon, Signwaive
Meteor is one of the most exciting developer/platform plays I've seen in my career.
Rod Johnson, creator of Spring
Thank you for providing such an amazing and powerful framework for web development. Because of Meteor, we could shrink our launch time by a factor of 10. Development experience was simply superb.
Amit Gupta, Survey42
This is great! Definitely something the industry needs right now.
Dustin Moskovitz,
co-founder of Facebook and Asana