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Reduce DevOps Expenses by over 90%

Save $1,000's per month on DevOps costs with the additional comfort of knowing your app is supported by in-house Meteor experts.

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Meteor Cloud saves you time and money by effectively reducing DevOps expenses to zero, all with the peace of mind that your app is hosted with your unique specifications in mind.

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An infrastructure to help you save time and money

Cloud provides unique infrastructure designed for your Meteor app. Some of Meteor Cloud’s well-loved features include:

For full plan details, see our pricing page.

  • Free Automatic SSL
  • Outgoing IP Whitelist
  • One command deploy
  • Prerender SEO Optimization
  • Rollback feature to revert changes
  • Usage and warning notifications
  • Meteor APM for performance monitoring
  • Integration with a log system for issue monitoring
  • Zero downtime with coordinated version updates
  • Custom proxy layer tailored for Meteor applications
  • Triggers (Autoscaling) allows you to adapt to usage fluctuations


Cloud is also the best way to support the future development and success of the open source Meteor framework. If you love Meteor, Cloud is the best way to help us make the platform better!

And we’re just getting started. Check out our roadmap for future plans. We’re constantly improving!

Since switching to Meteor Cloud, we have been able to reduce our DevOps while scaling to support millions of users around the world.

- Max, Nitro Labs.

Before Galaxy, we used to spend over 40 hours per month on devops. Today we spend zero.

Shawn Young / CEO, Classcraft

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