Stop fighting with frameworks and start shipping real apps

Meteor.js is an open source platform for building Web, Mobile, and Desktop applications.

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Why Meteor.js?

Stop fighting with frameworks and ship real products to production.

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Front-end Agnostic

Choose your preferred front-end framework like React, VueJS, Blaze, Svelte, or Solid.

Apps for Any Device

Create apps for Mobile with React Native or Cordova, or Desktop with Electron with the same code base.

Zero Config

Use popular frameworks and tools right out-of-the-box. Focus on building features instead of configuring tools.

TypeScript Support

Experience the power of TypeScript inference to boost productivity for your full-stack application.


Easily connect back-end and front-end with Methods. Our Remote Procedure Call (RPC) system.

Real-time Features

Develop apps with real-time features like chats and collaborative apps with ease by using publications and subscriptions.

Built-in Accounts

Login and Accounts package ready to use with your app. Never rebuild an authentication system again.

Easy to Deploy

Deploy using one command from the CLI or directly from your Git repository by using Galaxy.

Pioneering and Reliable

Developed for over a decade and trusted by industry giants. Alows you to build and scale efficiently.

Apps built with Meteor.js

Get the best DX in class today! Build apps that scale from prototype to production with a single codebase.
A framework built to bring your ideas to life.

We offer all the services your app needs

Galaxy Hosting
Galaxy Hosting

Spend less time on DevOps and more time building. The most efficient way for you to host & scale your Meteor app.

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Meteor APM
Meteor APM

Visibility into your apps performance. See real time metrics so you can monitor how your application is running.

Get started with APM

Launch faster

With Atmosphere

Take advantage of community packages, completely free and accessible to all Meteor developers. Rather than spending time building out features that were already solved (such as login and cron jobs), you can focus on building your app.

Publish your packages.
Contribute to the Meteor community by sharing your packages to Atmosphere.
Discover packages.
Search packages by category, popularity, and from verified accounts.
Launch your app faster.
Packages for everything from authentication to UI components.

import { Meteor } from 'meteor/meteor'
import { SyncedCron } from 'meteor/littledata:synced-cron'

Meteor.startup(() => {
    name: 'Send notifications',
    schedule: (parser) => 
      parser.text('every 5 minutes'),
    job: () => {
      // Do something every 5 minutes

Build great applications faster than ever using Meteor.js.

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