Core team

The Meteor.js Core team members work on the core components, the Meteor.js documentation and guide. Current members of the Meteor.js team are listed in alphabetical order below.

  • Denilson Silva

    Software Engineer at Meteor Software

    Denilson acquired programming skills in college 7 years ago. Since then, he has been working with Full-Stack JavaScript, specializing in Meteor, React, and MongoDB. He began working with Meteor 3 years ago, initially focusing on Galaxy; however, his focus has now shifted towards open-source projects.

  • Filipe Névola

    CEO at Quave

    Filipe started his career as a Java developer and then decided to focus in Javascript, since then using Meteor in more than 30 projects. He was Advocated, CTO and CEO of Meteor Software and now he keeps using Meteor in most of his companies projects. Outside of work, Filipe loves to drink tereré, to play tennis and to code.

  • Frederico Maia Arantes

    CEO at Meteor Software

    Fred started in web dev in 2008 with Java, then moved to JavaScript. Developed his first Meteor app in 2015, the same year he created a local meetup and a course on Meteor. He joined Meteor Software in 2022, recorded the fist Meteor University course, became CTO, and eventually CEO. He enjoys family time, traveling, coffee, and barbecue.

  • Gabriel Grubba

    Software Engineer at Meteor Software

    Making Meteor.js go brrr 🚀 🚀 🚀
    Gabriel is an OSS lover, with some contributions to JavaScript and Rust ecosystem, always searching for something new to learn. Loves going in unique coffee shops and long traveling.

  • Guillaume Chau (Akryum)

    Frontend Engineer at Livestorm

    Guillaume loves OSS and JavaScript! As a member of the VueJS core team and Apollo GraphQL contributor, he maintains official tools in the Vue ecosystem such as devtools. He also maintains integration packages between Vue and Meteor, and Vite + Meteor. Loves traveling to conferences, and connecting with like-minded people!

  • Henrique A. Schmaiske

    Tech Lead at Meteor Software

    Henrique has experience working on diverse projects such as restaurants, travel, blockchain, and fintech. He has a broad range of expertise in technologies such as JavaScript, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, React, and Nodejs. Outside work, he loves to travel, eat good food and drive.

  • Jan Dvořák

    CEO at Literary Universe

    Jan, also known as Storyteller for his interest in creative writing, literature and manga, has been a fan of Meteor.js since 2014 when he decided to create his master's capstone with it. Since then, Jan has become active contributor, community organizer and is currently building two companies with Meteor.

  • Jan Küster

    Scientific Software Engineer at University of Bremen

    Jan's primary focus is on educational software within a scientific context. Meteor+Blaze is his main choice for web projects since late 2015. Recently, he went into mobile dev with Meteor+React Native. As a Meteor Ambassador and Community Packages member he always aims to promote Meteor as a tech and community. You can find many of his written articles on

  • Matheus Camargo de Castro

    Software Engineer at Quave

    Matheus started working with Meteor on 2020 - when he switched jobs. It was quite a big change amidst the pandemic, but everything went well. His interest to start contributing with Meteor grew overtime and now he is the author of the official Meteor Toolbox extension and a contributor to the Meteor core.

  • Micaiah Nissen (zodern)

    CEO of Monti APM; Maintainer of Meteor Up

    Micaiah started programming when he was 10, and discovered Meteor while in high school. Since then he has developed many popular tools and packages for Meteor apps. After realising Meteor’s slow build performance on Windows was causing him to lose joy working with it, Micaiah started contributing to Meteor to improve its performance in 2019. Outside of work, he enjoys reading, playing the piano, and doing volunteer work.

  • Nacho Codoñer

    Software Engineer at Meteor Software

    Nacho brings 8 years of MeteorJS expertise, and is passionate about software development. He thrives on a JavaScript-first approach, leveraging its versatility across web, native, scripting, testing, and infrastructure. Nacho prioritizes fun and meaningful work, and values a serene lifestyle. Beyond work, he enjoys playing board and video games, engaging in outdoor activities with friends, and regular running.

  • Philippe Aquino

    DevOps Engineer at Meteor Software

    Philippe has been immersed in the world of cloud computing for over 12 years. It all started when he was a kid playing MU Online and saw the possibility of setting up his own servers. He has strong skills in automation and cloud computing. When is not working he can be found riding his surfskate, camping outdoors and spending quality time with his family.

  • Radosław Miernik

    Head of Engineering at Aleno

    Started programming at 13 to create a mod for one game. He has worked with various technologies, including C, Lua, Rust, JavaScript (with TypeScript, of course), Haskell, and DSLs like GraphQL. One could say he have been through a lot. Outside of work he is a PhD student on General Game Description Language Based on Finite Automata.