WorldLabs Case Study

Want to collaborate and innovate with the world? Now you can!

In today's global landscape, connectivity and innovation are more than buzzwords; they are the pillars of growth. However, many need more access and collaboration, leading to missed opportunities and slow growth.

This is where WorldLabs shines. They've built a digital bridge that connects people and organizations across 195 countries, fostering a culture of innovation and knowledge-sharing. But with growth comes challenges, and scalability became critical for them, especially with their previous hosting on Heroku.

“We moved from Heroku directly into the professional plan. It was the plan with the features we needed, like Meteor APM and Pre-render. We also chose it because of its fast Meteor support.”

Flavio Signorelli - Co-founder & CTO at WorldLabs
Flavio Signorelli
Co-founder & CTO at WorldLabs

Why Did WorldLabs Choose Meteor.js?

WorldLabs' choice of Meteor.js was both strategic and technical. Meteor offers a robust architecture that aligns perfectly with WorldLabs' scalability needs. Our ready-to-use features, like real-time data reactivity and user authentication, allow teams to focus on more specialized functionalities.

  • Data Reactivity. A Standout Feature. One of our most appreciated features is data reactivity, crucial for a platform like WorldLabs that thrives on real-time collaboration.
  • JavaScript Ecosystem. Our compatibility with the JavaScript ecosystem enables WorldLabs to integrate popular libraries like React and Apollo, keeping the platform aligned with industry best practices.
  • Focus on development, not configuration. Meteor.js and Galaxy handle the complexities of configuration so that WorldLabs' development team can focus on what truly matters: creating user-centered functionalities.
  • Galaxy. Transitioning to Galaxy was an operational milestone. More than just hosting, Galaxy provides a solution to scale their growth, complete with advanced monitoring and performance tools.

Additional Technical Solutions Implemented

Horizontal Scalability: With Galaxy's auto-scaling, WorldLabs can efficiently handle increased user demand.

Redis for Oplog Tailing: This optimization significantly boosted platform performance.

Essential Pub/Subs: As the platform grew, performance issues related to data reactivity emerged. The solution was to limit reactivity only to essential areas.

A Practical and Sustainable Future with Meteor

The strategic alignment between WorldLabs and Meteor goes beyond a mere technical partnership. Together, we're building a solid foundation that will allow for the continuous rollout of new features, empowering WorldLabs to catalyze global collaboration and innovation.


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