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Enjoy simple deployment, seamless scaling, detailed monitoring, unified database solutions, global distribution, and support from experts.

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The only full service cloud solution engineered for Meteor.js applications.

Push to Deploy

Deploy automatically from git or with our CLI with zero downtime.

SSL Certificates

One click to generate and configure an SSL certificate for your domain.


Customize triggers to add or remove containers automatically.

SEO Optimization

Get higher rankings by serving crawlers a static HTML version of your app.

DDoS Mitigation

Limit requests, monitor blocked IPs, and decide on block removal or disablement.

Instant Versions Rollback

Restore your deployments and quickly go back to an earlier version.


Native Meteor.js hosting on Galaxy

Use Galaxy for hosting apps according to your exact specifications or use intuitive out-of-the box features designed by Meteor.js experts. You have a decade of Meteor.js R&D and in-house Meteor.js experts behind you anytime you need help.

“We mostly remain with Meteor due to the full-service, hands-off hosting from Galaxy. It allows us to focus on application development and not on DevOps.”

Evan Francis
Evan Francis, Coygo CEO
Galaxy UI
Meteor APM

Performance monitoring on Monti APM

Monti APM allows you to monitor your app in real-time, understand how your app behaves and identify areas for improvement. You can find bottlenecks in your Methods or Publications/Subscriptions, reducing bandwidth and CPU usage.

Meteor APM UI

“We moved from Heroku directly into the professional plan. It was the plan with the features we needed, like Meteor APM and Pre-render. We also chose it because of its fast Meteor support.”

Find the ideal plan for your project.

Start deploying for free, then choose a plan to go live.


“Before Galaxy, we used to spend over 40 hours per month on devops. Today we spend zero.”

Shawn Young - Classcraft CEO
Shawn Young
CEO, Classcraft

Questions and Answers

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What is Galaxy?
Galaxy is a cloud-based hosting platform designed specifically for Meteor.js applications. It provides a reliable and scalable infrastructure for deploying and managing your applications.
What are the benefits of using Galaxy?
Galaxy offers features such as automatic SSL certificates, load balancing, auto-scaling, and easy deployment. Using Galaxy can save you time and resources by taking care of server infrastructure for you.
How easy is it to deploy my application on Galaxy?
Deploying your application on Galaxy is easy and straightforward. You can deploy directly from your code repository or through a command-line interface. Galaxy also offers a user-friendly web interface for managing your applications.
What regions are available for deploying my applications?
Galaxy allows you to deploy your app to the following regions: US East Region (Virginia, USA), EU West Region (Dublin, Ireland), and Asia-Pacific Region (Sydney, Australia). We recommend deploying your app in the region(s) closest to your customers.


Deploy your app to Galaxy

Galaxy is the best way to build, launch and scale your Meteor.js applications.


Install Meteor.js

Get started by installing Meteor.js and building your first application.