“I feel privileged to lead a company that is deeply committed to the open-source movement. Our success is a testament to the power of collaboration and shared values, and we look forward to many more years of empowering developers.”

Frederico Maia
CEO of Meteor Software

Since 2012

Our story

Meteor Software is the company behind Meteor.js and Galaxy. Meteor.js is an open source framework for building Web, Mobile, and Desktop applications. Galaxy is the only cloud service platform engineered specifically for Meteor.js apps.

Meteor.js was released in 2012 as a quick and easy way to build richly interactive full-stack web apps in JavaScript. Since then, we’ve had 44,100+ stars on GitHub, 14,739 packages create on Atmosphere, 508,000 unique installs, and over 29,000 Stack Overflow questions related to Meteor.

We’ve grown because of the ongoing support from our open-source community and our team of core developers who continue to push releases and make both products better.

Our mission is to extend our community and continue to refine our products to help serve those developers building the future of online technologies.

We hope you’ll join us. To contribute to our future, check out our roadmap and assign yourself a task. Or, check out our careers page for available career opportunities.


Meteor.js development is led by a dedicated team working full-time at Meteor Software. It also receives contributions from people all over the world.


Press Inquiries

For any press or speaking inquiries, please contact marketing@meteor.com. For all other inquiries, visit our contact page.


Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines have been published to ensure proper use of Meteor's brand and assets, including trademarks and logos, and/or content.