Galaxy Savings Plan

Get 20% off with our Savings Plan

Savings Plan is a pricing model that offers a 20% discount for a one-year upfront payment.

Once enrolled in the Savings Plan, your compute usage is billed using discounted credits, and any usage exceeding your commitment is billed at regular on-demand rates.

To get started, simply fill out the following form with your monthly spending. If you need assistance in estimating your usage, we are here to help. Learn more.

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Usage Estimation

We only bill you for the containers you actually run. By the minute.

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$7.20/month with one-year upfront payment

Estimated for a container running 720h (30 days)

Become a part of the Galaxy success story as experienced by our clients

Our customers love the Pro Plan for its innovative features that take the hassle out of DevOps. With these tools, they save time, reduce errors, and ensure their apps and businesses are always running smoothly.

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"The autoscaling feature has been invaluable as demand on our site is very peaky and by using it I don't need to manage scaling manually at all times of the day and night. It's a very cost effective and low maintenance way for us to host and manage our applications."

Andrew Bolton
Andrew Bolton

“We moved from Heroku directly into the professional plan. It was the plan with the features we needed, like Meteor APM and Pre-render. We also chose it because of its fast Meteor support.”

Flavio Mendes
Flavio Mendes
CTO of WorldLabs

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Don't miss out on the game-changing functionalities of the professional plan, including advanced security and performance optimization tools.