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Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines have been published to ensure proper use of Meteor's brand and assets, including trademarks and logos, and/or content. If you have a specific request, please send it to us along with a visual mockup of what you want it to look like.


The contributors who make it all possible

People from the Meteor Software team and Core team members

Frederico Maia

Cloud / OSS Team

Henrique Schmaiske

Software Engineer
Cloud / OSS Team


Software Engineer
OSS Team

Gabriel Grubba

Software Engineer
OSS Team

Vitor Flores

Software Engineer
Cloud / OSS Team

Micaiah Nissen (zodern)

Software Engineer
OSS Team

Kevin Tayong

Marketing Manager
Cloud / OSS Team

Philippe Aquino

DevOps Engineer
Cloud / OSS Team

Alim Gafar

VP of Strategy & Community Growth
Cloud / OSS Team

Jessa Magtalas

Graphic Designer

Companies that partner with Meteor Software contributing to Meteor


Europe/Middle East/Africa



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Some of the many contributors that make Meteor so amazing.

Leonardo Venturini

Brian Mulhall

Bruce Johnson

Alex Sosnovskiy

Jan Küster

Dominik Ferber

Vlad Lasky

Bart Sturm

Nathaniel Dsouza

Ruither Borba

Erik Demaine

Harry Adel

Lucas Hansen

Kevin Newman

Jan Dvorak

Kelly Copley

Christian Klaussner

Seba Kerckhof


Florian Bienefelt

Simon Schick

Filipe Névola

Renan Castro

Ben Newman

Marcelo T Prado